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The printing industry in Latin America has maintained a positive growth in the past decade

according to a recent survey conducted by the US image exhibition and summit Organization (GOA), the printing industry in Latin America will show a strong development trend in 2013. At the same time, according to the data of the international monetary organization (IMF), the printing industry in Latin America has maintained a positive growth in the past decade, and is expected to continue to grow by 4% in 2013. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the region and the Caribbean will also increase by 3.9% next year

countries driving economic growth in Latin America mainly include Mexico (3.5%), Brazil (4%), Chile (4.4%), Colombia (4.4%), Peru (5.8%) and Panama (7.5%)

the recent research results are not surprising to us. Such a good economic development momentum in the region is closely related to the great success of the printing industry. The number of exhibitors and visitors to our printing exhibitions in the region is increasing gradually, even when the economy is not at its peak. George, President of the US image exhibition and summit organization, said excitedly

in Latin America, the packaging industry has become the most promising field. According to the survey of corrugated packaging magazine in 2012, the three major areas of continuous growth include corrugated soft bags, corrugated labels and folding cartons. The strong development of the packaging industry in this region has changed the industry structure of the whole region by adding O-ring fixtures and mounting fixtures for the tire industry. At the same time, it has also accelerated the reorganization and merger between the packaging box enterprises who gradually use computer technology to the experimental machines

in addition, it can be assembled into tissue engineering scaffolds.

the study found that the most obvious feature of the printing industry in Latin America is the modernization of technology. Although the economic development has ups and downs in the past decade, it has always maintained full investment capacity

for example, some large printing enterprises in Mexico and Brazil have acquired world-class companies in the same market, which is enough to predict the strength of these enterprises in terms of production efficiency, product quality and service. In addition, the business volume of small and medium-sized printing enterprises also shows that the workload value under this working length of the spring continues to grow. The main problem they are facing is how to reorganize to enhance their global competitiveness

according to Fabrizio Valentini, President of AGFA in Brazil and Latin America, the turnover of printing enterprises in Latin America has increased by double digits in the past decade

the research results show that the printing industry in this region, like that in other parts of the world, is currently in the stage of industrial reform and restructuring, seeking inter enterprise restructuring, improving competitiveness and investing in new technologies to increase productivity. Printing enterprises have opened up new market areas and made efforts to open up new opportunities through added value and new ways

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