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The pride of the construction crane Market: 130t all terrain crane

the pride of the construction crane Market: 130t all terrain crane

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Guide: at present, China is one of the largest construction crane markets in the world. With the increasing demand for engineering cranes, users of large tonnage all terrain cranes have emerged, especially in the fields of mining, chemical industry, electric power construction, metallurgical construction and traffic facilities construction

at present, China is one of the largest engineering crane markets in the world. With the increasing demand for engineering cranes, users of large tonnage all terrain cranes have emerged, especially in the fields of mining, chemical industry, electric power construction, metallurgical construction and traffic facilities construction. The demand for large tonnage all terrain cranes is increasing year by year

since the introduction of large tonnage all terrain cranes in 2003, Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Factory has broken the competition pattern of all terrain cranes in the Chinese market, making this kind of market monopolized by imported equipment have a place in our national industry. Now the factory has launched a new competitive product - 130 ton all terrain crane

130 ton all terrain crane adopts computer integrated control technology, single cylinder pin type full-automatic telescopic boom technology, elliptical boom technology, hydro pneumatic suspension and all wheel steering multi axle drive technology. The product has beautiful appearance, exquisite vehicle layout, compact structure, excellent performance, strong market competitiveness, and the performance of the whole machine has reached the international advanced level. In addition to meeting the use requirements of ordinary users at home and abroad, the product can also be actively connected with the National Innovation Center for new material manufacturing industry and the national new material test and evaluation platform to be used in western plateau, oil field, semi desert and other areas. It is a large tonnage all terrain crane truly suitable for China's national conditions

independent power system is adopted for the upper carriage, pump controlled variable system controlled by electric proportional servo is adopted for the hydraulic system, open circuit is adopted for the lifting circuit, and closed circuit is adopted for the slewing circuit. The telescopic boom is a 5-SECTION elliptical jib, a single cylinder bolt type full-automatic telescopic mechanism, and a single cylinder front support luffing; The auxiliary boom is a side mounted folding type, which can be attached to the side of the main boom when driving on highway. Built in double independent winch system; Planetary reducer is used for slewing, and the slewing mechanism and slewing bearing are externally meshed

adopt five axle off-road chassis, full head cab, full coverage walking board, drive type: l0x8, all wheel steering, flexible; Hydro pneumatic suspension enables the body height to be adjusted within ± 150rnrn, and the performance is greatly improved; Stepless speed change, automatic shift, good off-road performance, and significantly reduce the driver's labor intensity

main technical parameters:

main technical parameters of lifting operation driving status main technical parameters

maximum rated lifting capacity: 130t overall dimensions of the whole machine: 15028 × three thousand × 3990 mm

maximum lifting torque: 4210kn M (length × wide × High)

main boom and imported sensor with high accuracy length: 12.8 ~ 50m machine weight: 60000kg

jib length: 11.55, 20 m driving speed: 76km/h

main boom lifting height: 50m climbing slope: 45%

main boom and auxiliary boom lifting height: 70m approach angle: 24 °

slewing speed: 0 ~ 2r/min departure angle: 17 °

lifting speed: 0 ~ 100m/min minimum turning diameter: 18m

full extension/contraction time: 370/320s engine rated output power: 324kw/1800rpm

luffing time: 60s

outrigger span (longitudinal × Horizontal) 8000 × 7500mm

main technical features:

1 For the first time in China, the computer integrated control electric proportional operation system is adopted. The advanced CAN-bus data bus technology is used in the system. The electronic signals of all important electronic components of the crane, such as length sensor, angle sensor, position sensor and control handle, are transmitted to the computer through the CAN-bus bus for centralized processing, and all information parameters of lifting operation are provided through the display screen, Display the working state and process of the crane, realize the automatic control of the crane, greatly improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of the crane, reduce the labor intensity of the operators, and fully reflect the people-oriented design concept

2. The single cylinder bolt type full-automatic quick telescopic system is adopted, and the man-machine dialogue is carried out through the display screen information prompt and manual keyboard operation, so as to realize the full-automatic telescopic of the boom according to the set working mode and logic program and the real-time monitoring of the telescopic state of the boom

3. For the first time in China, the fully elliptical jib is adopted, which greatly improves the anti twisting ability of the jib and can make full use of the mechanical properties of the material. The jib made of ultra-high strength structural steel can significantly reduce the weight of the jib and improve the lifting performance of the jib under a wide range of working conditions. The fully hydraulic double pin internal interlocking system of the electronically controlled jib can ensure the safe, reliable and safe lifting operation

4. The hydraulic system is a pump controlled variable system with electric proportional servo control technology, with partial power regulation and limit load regulation. It is closely combined with the computer integrated control system to greatly improve the control performance of the crane. Good fretting performance, stable action, safe and reliable

5. The independent power system is adopted for the upper carriage. If Volvo's latest water-cooled turbocharged engine is selected, it must effectively control the processing conditions within a certain range. It has the advantages of low speed, high power, high torque, small wear of parts and high work efficiency. The engine power output is automatically optimized according to the load change of the boom through the computer integrated control system and CAN-bus data bus system. The engine power loss is minimized and energy is saved. The ism440e20 EFI engine of Cummins company is used for getting off the train, with emission up to Euro II standard. It has advanced performance and powerful power, reflecting the pursuit of "environmental protection, safety, reliability and advancement"

6. The chassis is a five axle all terrain off-road type, adopting internationally advanced hydro pneumatic suspension technology and full axle steering multi axle drive control technology. The hydro pneumatic suspension system can adjust the height of the chassis from the ground to improve the trafficability of the vehicle; Good shock absorption effect, can realize all wheel steering four axle drive, small turning radius and strong off-road performance; It has the functions of automatic leveling and automatic gear shifting when driving

7. With the black box function, the computer can effectively monitor and record relevant operation status parameters in real time for fault analysis and treatment

8. Multi block combined counterweight is adopted to improve the lifting performance of medium and long boom under large range working conditions. The rotatable counterweight lifting cylinder can realize the self disassembly and assembly of the counterweight

9. Advanced design means such as parametric design, ANSYS finite element analysis and dynamic simulation assembly are adopted to optimize the design of the whole machine and structural parts such as jib, turntable and frame, which greatly optimizes the design parameters of the whole machine, significantly reduces the dead weight of the whole machine, and the running weight of the whole machine is less than 60 tons. For the first time, a major breakthrough in the configuration of five axle chassis on China's 100 ton and above wheeled cranes is realized

10. It is the first time in China to use the reversible control room, which has a wide field of vision and is especially suitable for long arm operation. Using three-dimensional modeling technology and ergonomics principle, the layout, appearance modeling and two room layout of the whole machine are completely designed, which greatly improves the comfort of operation and the maintainability of the whole machine, and reflects the people-oriented design idea

11. The slewing mechanism has controllable free sliding. The slewing mechanism adopts planetary gear reducer and normally closed brake. The external meshing slewing ring is driven by motor. The hydraulic system is equipped with buffer valve, which can realize free sliding and stable micro motion

12. This product has more than ten national patents and is a high-tech product with completely independent intellectual property rights. The patents obtained are as follows:

1) internal interlocking automatic telescopic "U" jib, patent No.: zl 6

2) single telescopic cylinder automatic control multi boom telescopic device, patent No.: zl 4

3) automatic latch connection device of crane jib, patent No.: zl 8

4) mobile truck crane control room, patent No.: zl 5

5) appearance design of truck crane, patent No.: zl01 317793.1

6) hydraulic cylinder with automatic rotation of piston rod, patent No.: 3

7) oil gas suspension device of truck crane, patent No.: 032 greatly meets the needs of customers 20121.4

8) constant power control variable pump hydraulic control device, patent No.: ZL 03219321.1

9) integrated control valve of crane, patent No.: ZL 01244458.8

10) free sliding hydraulic control device; Patent No.: ZL 03219267.3

130 ton all terrain crane the successful development of the crane fills the gap of the country in large tonnage and high-end all terrain crane. It is a major breakthrough in China's crane product technology, has milestone significance, and will have a far-reaching impact on the development of China's crane industry

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