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With the popularization of computers and the development of office automation, carbon free copy paper can be printed more conveniently on computer terminals and is suitable for office automation. Carbon free copy paper does not need to be sandwiched into special copy paper. When writing, all papers are originals and copies. The number of copies is greatly increased, and more than 10 copies can be copied, with clear graphics and pictures and bright colors. This kind of paper has smooth surface, tight coating combination, chemical reaction color development, no printing ink before and after copying, and will not pollute hands and clothes. It is easy to use and clean. Due to the use of chemical chromogenic agents, it was difficult to forge and rewrite in 2006, so its application scope is becoming wider and wider. At present, it is mainly used in banking, postal service, telecommunications, taxation, transportation, hotels, customs, insurance and other fields. However, due to the special structure of carbon free copy paper, it is different from other ordinary paper in printing and has its unique side in the printing process. The structure of carbon free carbon paper and related printing problems will be discussed below

normal> carbon free copy paper structure and color development principle

normal> carbon free copy paper can be divided into other color development and self color development. The most commonly used is other color development carbon free copy paper, which is generally composed of three kinds of paper pages, namely upper paper, middle paper and lower paper. The structure of carbon copy paper (CCP) is shown in Figure 1

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normal> paper loading is also called back coated paper (code cb. i.e. coated BAC such as K). The back of the paper is coated with microcapsules containing force sensitive pigment oil, which makes them applicable to almost all industries; Chinese paper is also known as coated front and back paper (code cfb.). The front of the paper is coated with developer and the back is coated with microcapsules containing force sensitive pigment oil; The lower paper is also called coated front (code cf. i.e. coated front), and the paper surface is only coated with developer. Self contained paper (code sc.) is a microcapsule layer containing force sensitive pigment oil coated on the back of the paper, and a microcapsule containing force sensitive pigment oil coated on the front

normal> there are two kinds of coatings in carbon free copy paper: CF layer containing chromogenic agent and CB layer containing chromogenic agent. Chromogenic agent is a special colorless dye, which has been dissolved in nonvolatile carrier oil, and is μ M microcapsules were encapsulated, blended, modified and copolymerized. The impact pressure of hard writing and printing can crush the microcapsule, so that the colorless dye solution flows out and contacts with the developer, and a chemical reaction occurs to present colored pictures and texts, so as to achieve the purpose of copying. There are 45g/m2cb paper, 47g/m2cf paper and

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