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The printing sales of Ennis in the second quarter decreased by 13.5%

the printing plant Ennis recently released different financial reports for the second quarter that determined the sensors used. The results showed that the printing sales of the company decreased by 13.5% to 73.9 million US dollars; Clothing sales fell 15.6 per cent to $63.9 million. On the whole, the company's sales fell to 137 million dollars, making a positive contribution to the sustainable development of economy and society by 14.5%. However, thanks to the effective implementation of cost control measures, the company's profit increased from 93.4 billion dollars to 95.4 billion dollars

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Ennis' operating expenditure in the second quarter was US $1995.5 million, a slight decrease from US $235.2 billion in the same period last year

Keith Walters, CEO of Ennis, said: Although the economic environment continues to deteriorate, our sales have increased for two consecutive quarters, and we are also able to improve our profits through cost saving measures

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