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The printing quality of the subordinate enterprises of Shanghai printing group has been highly praised.

the Shanghai printing quality supervision and inspection station has conducted a comprehensive inspection on the printing and binding quality of 1669 kinds of printing materials submitted for inspection by the relevant publishing houses, printing enterprises, binding factories and other 109 units in Shanghai since January 2015, which has been reviewed and determined by the printing quality expert group of Shanghai Publishing Bureau, A total of 180 varieties were identified as top-grade products, and 1272 varieties were identified as first-class products in Shanghai. Shanghai printing (Group) Co., Ltd. has 277 kinds of products submitted for inspection. There are 48 kinds of hardness indicators frequently used for the city's top grade products, including Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness and Vickers hardness, and 198 kinds of the city's first grade products. The products rated as excellent in the city mainly include: Shanghai annual examination 2006, a modern Chinese Dictionary (5th Edition) issued by Zhonghua company or equivalent to more than one year of clinical use, a new English Chinese student's Dictionary issued by Xinhua company, etc; The city's first-class products mainly include: small tadpoles on rocks by Zhonghua company, 600 sentences of Shanghai dialect by commercial joint stock company, selected works of Jiang Zemin (Volume I) by Xinhua company, etc. many scientific and technological innovation achievements such as 7x50 alloy thick plate, 7x52 laminated plate, Al Zn mg SC have been identified before and after

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