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Decoration is not only time-consuming and expensive, but also special “ Scary ”, Because there is decoration pollution. What decoration tricks and decoration traps are floating clouds, and formaldehyde removal is the biggest “ Heart disease ”. Everyone who has been decorated knows that ordinary furniture and paint contain formaldehyde and other substances, which is impossible to prevent. Can only “ Wait to die ”? Of course not. Look at the six ways to teach you to decorate and remove formaldehyde

method 1: Decoration formaldehyde removal ventilation method

principle: emit harmful substances into the air to reduce indoor pollution concentration

cost performance: it doesn't cost money. At most, it costs a little electricity for the electric fan

construction method: easy, self construction

duration: it is recommended to use this method for a long time, and the effect is the best when used in combination with other methods

secondary pollution: none

use effect: this method is best and effective in the early stage after decoration. Because everyone knows that the pollution release is the largest just after the decoration. At this time, the effect of deodorant is not much better. The best way is to open windows for ventilation. It is suggested to turn on the electric fan to speed up the indoor and outdoor air exchange

precautions: in summer, there are sauna days in Beijing, it is best to turn on the fan, otherwise the effect will be bad; It is difficult to open windows in Beijing in winter, so it is recommended that friends who finish decoration in winter check in later or after comprehensive indoor professional management

second method: formaldehyde removal by decoration - green plant adsorption method

principle: flowers, plants and trees can absorb some harmful gases

cost performance: high and ornamental

construction method: easy, self construction

duration: it can be used for a long time

secondary pollution: none

use effect: general. It can only absorb some harmful substances, but it is better to have it than not

precautions: don't buy for the sake of smell. If you think that you can absorb all harmful gases by buying certain flowers and plants, you are very wrong. It is suggested to give priority to ornamental, supplemented by smell. After all, they are used for viewing. If you want to rely on them to eliminate home decoration pollution, you are very wrong

three methods: Decoration formaldehyde removal - Biological formaldehyde removal method

principle: each has its own principle. It is said that biological enzymes take harmful substances as food, and mold will automatically decompose and die after eating

cost performance: average, relatively expensive, with an average of more than 5 yuan per square meter

construction method: it's easy. You can construct by yourself, but it will be troublesome to construct after putting things in the furniture

duration: it needs to be used continuously

secondary pollution: unknown, users need to investigate by themselves

use effect: good, can decompose a variety of harmful substances

precautions: generally, it is sprayed on furniture or in the air, and the effect is really good at that time, but it starts to recover slowly after a few days. It must be sprayed continuously. Generally, the removal effect of free formaldehyde in the air is the best, and the effect of formaldehyde in the plate is poor. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the product will cause discoloration of furniture, etc. it is best to consult clearly before purchase

four methods: Decoration formaldehyde removal - photocatalyst

principle: catalyst is a kind of catalyst. Under the action of this catalyst, harmful gas will decompose into harmless substances such as water and carbon dioxide when encountering light of a certain wavelength

cost performance: good, about 20 yuan per square meter on average

construction method: it's very difficult. It must be constructed by professionals. You can't construct by yourself. Most of the products that claim to be used in your own construction are exaggerated. Please choose carefully

duration: semi permanent

secondary pollution: none

use effect: it's OK. It's one of the current methods to remove odor

precautions: there are many such products on the market at present, which must have light, otherwise the effect is poor

five methods: Decoration formaldehyde removal - activated carbon adsorption

principle: pure physical adsorption, no secondary pollution, activated carbon masks during SARS, filter boxes of gas masks, activated carbon filtration in water purifiers, deodorization boxes in refrigerators, etc. all use activated carbon, and so does activated carbon odor absorbers

cost performance: very good, about 1 yuan per square meter on average

construction method: it can be directly placed in drawers and cabinets without affecting the normal use of furniture

duration: 3 ~ 6 months, after which it will become saturated and lose activity

secondary pollution: none

use effect: good, it can absorb all kinds of harmful substances, but don't think that with activated carbon, the taste will disappear at home immediately

precautions: during use, regular exposure to the sun will restore activity to a certain extent and prolong service life

six methods: formaldehyde removal in decoration - air purification and filtration

principle: different products have different principles

cost performance: generally, different products have different prices, ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan

construction method: generally, there is no need for construction, and the manufacturers to be installed will provide it. The disadvantage is passive filtration, which is also absorbed by people in the process of filtration. In addition, many manufacturers of filter elements fail to pass the test, and it is good to have half the purification rate advertised. It has some effects in the case of little pollution after decoration. Once the pollution exceeds the standard, the effect of the purifier is relatively small

duration: different products are different

secondary pollution: none

use effect: it can purify all kinds of harmful substances, but it is not that there are no harmful substances after use, and it is also treated to a certain extent; Duration: different products are different

precautions: choose different products according to the actual situation

editor's summary: This is the introduction of six methods to teach you to decorate and remove formaldehyde. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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