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In the peak season of house collection in the middle of the year, many owners have started house collection after receiving the notice from the community. However, after the completion of house collection, they should face the most important problem - decoration. For the owners who contact the decoration for the first time, this is not an easy job. The Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network suggests that before the decoration, first sort out their own needs, and then make an appointment with the decoration company they want to measure the house, so as to make a detailed plan and make a comparison with the offer. This is the safest way. Next, I will take the common 100 square meters as an example to see how a reasonable 100 square meters decoration budget table is formulated

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[Wuhan 100 square meters decoration quotation budget table]

[Wuhan 100 square meters decoration budget table details are as follows]

Project 1: basic engineering

shoveling the wall skin (gypsum ash) 280.00

rough wall base treatment 140.00

sealing the door 288.00

door pocket base (Blockboard) 175.00

demolishing the brick wall (240mm) 100.00

light brick wall (120mm double-sided plastering) 1134.00

light brick wall (240 mm double-sided plastering) 1036.80

masonry wall opening 236.80

restaurant balcony wall removal 200.00

balcony pipe wrapping 455.00

demolition of brick wall (120 mm) 100.80

Project II: Waterway Circuit engineering

strong and weak current construction (lump sum price) 7980.00

waterway construction (lump sum price) 2500.00

Project III: guest restaurant and aisle

emulsion paint base treatment (putty) 2222.00

emulsion paint 808.00

gypsum board flat ceiling 880.00

gypsum board linear light trough ceiling 2380.00

floor tile general specification (500 × 500< Size ≤ 800 × 800) 2010.00

threshold stone 225.00

item 4: primary bedroom

emulsion paint base treatment (putty) 1452.00

emulsion paint 528.00

floor tiling 1288.00

item 5: secondary bedroom

floor tiling 960.00

emulsion paint base treatment (putty) 1100.00

emulsion paint 400.00

item 6: study <

emulsion paint base treatment (puttying) 836.00

emulsion paint 304.00

tiling 590.40

item 7: Kitchen

tiling common specification (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 1320.00

common specification of floor tiles (size 300 × 300) 284.40

kitchen and sanitary package pipes 162.50

hallway stone paving 50.00

item 8: Toilet

toilet 1:

General specification of wall tiles (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 1045.20

common specification of floor tiles (size 300 × 300) 190.20

toilet backfilling and surface leveling 221.90

toilet waterproof treatment 675.00

toilet downpipe protection works 200.00

toilet 2:

General specification of wall tiles (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 1398.00

common specification of floor tiles (size 300 × 300) 343.80

toilet backfilling and surface leveling 238.00

toilet waterproof treatment 675.00

kitchen and sanitary pipe 243.75

toilet sewer protection works 200.00

Item 9: balcony

balcony 1:

emulsion paint base treatment (putty) 113.60

emulsion paint 45.44

General specification of paving tiles (200 × 200< Size ≤ 800 × 800) 340.80

common specification of wall tiles (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 600.00

balcony handrail base tiling 126.00

balcony waterproof treatment 270.00

balcony 2:

emulsion paint base treatment (putty) 142.56

emulsion paint 51.84

floor tile general specification (200 × 200< Size ≤ 800 × 800) 388.80

common specification of wall tiles (300 × 450< Size ≤ 300 × 600) 1140.00

tiling of balcony railing base 189.00

balcony waterproof treatment 315.00

according to the editor, the home decoration style selected by the owner of the 100 square meter house is modern and simple, and the original budget was 46000, but the final plan quotation cost only about 42000. At first, the owner was worried, but after repeatedly reviewing the quotation of this scheme, the owner nodded repeatedly, saying that he had added many of his own considerations. If it should be spent, it would be spent, and if it should not be spent, it would not take a detour, which was very good

in fact, there are many ways of decoration, and the above half package is only one of the ways listed in the small list. For the owners who are busy at ordinary times and have no extra time to manage the decoration, all inclusive and decoration are good choices, especially decoration, which is a more popular decoration mode now, saving a lot of time for the majority of owners. At present, the major building materials malls and decoration companies have a lot of activities and benefits. Leave your community name + contact information + decoration requirements at the bottom of the article. The first discount editor will remind you at any time! Free details: http://www.whjzw.net/zb/

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