Seamless wall cloth originated from European aesth

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Seamless wallcovering - from European aesthetic art

seamless wallcovering - from European aesthetic art

European classic Acanthus leaf has always been an indispensable symbol of wisdom and art in seamless wallcovering elements. In ancient Greek architecture, Acanthus decoration widely appeared in Corinthian and mixed column column heads. Acanthus leaf is very common in Greece. Since 2500 years ago, the Greeks have carved acanthus leaves into stone to decorate the cylinder top. In the Roman period, the leaf shape of Acanthus was even more fascinating to architects. Using natural materials as the inspiration of artists was an important rule of classical art

Acanthus leaf has always been popular in Byzantine architecture, Romanesque architecture and Gothic architecture, and has been widely used again in the Renaissance, and is still loved by people today. The mottled expression and the modern golden effect complement each other, creating a European fashion flavor in classical

bulaimei wall cloth, inheriting European classics, decorates the home space with seamless wall cloth decorated with classic Acanthus leaf patterns, annotates the nobility and elegance of European life in silence, and shines with classic eternal luxuriance and temperament





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