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Decoration is the top priority of many families, and home is the home of people, so we must be satisfied and comfortable, but in the face of the high monthly loan, how much decoration money is left in our pockets? So, how can we package the most perfect home with the least money

decoration is the top priority of many families, and family is the end result of people, so we must be satisfied and comfortable, but in the face of the high monthly loan, how much decoration money is left in our pockets? So, how can we package the most perfect home with the least money? Xiaobian takes you to see the money saving secrets that decoration companies dare not report

Dikai doors and windows and sunshine room

first, the wall base treatment is 3 yuan per square meter

decoration tips: if your basic level is quite good, this part of the money can be saved. This part cannot be seen in the quotation of decoration. Generally, it will be in the wall coating or in the repair of wall substrate. The general marking method is: Wall leveling and repair, calculated by the actual amount. However, for those who have done electronic slotting or internal wall insulation, the overall construction should be carried out

secret 2: wall paint, wall lining plus Fuya six in one plant paint, 27 yuan per square meter

decoration tips: if you use primer mode, you can use 821. If not, try not to use 821 putty, because it is easy to blister and fall off, and the particles are large. The wall size is generally based on the floor area multiplied by 3.5 for the wall area, but it is generally more, so multiply by 3 is OK, but in order to be accurate, it is still handled according to the on-site situation

the basic method of selecting paint for decoration: after opening the cover, the really environmentally friendly latex paint should be water-based, non-toxic and tasteless. After a period of time, the surface of the authentic latex paint will form a thick elastic oxide film, which is not easy to crack. Mix the latex paint well with a wooden stick, and then pick it up with a wooden stick. When the high-quality latex paint flows down, it will form a fan shape. Touch with your fingers, the authentic latex paint should feel smooth and delicate. Look at the ingredients when shopping. The ingredients of high-quality paint should be copolymer resin or pure acrylic resin. Don't forget to look at the shelf life of the product

secret 3. The floor tile is about 95 yuan per square meter. Because there will be brick cutting, damage, etc., the floor tile area should be increased by 3%-8%

a simple method for selecting ceramic tiles during decoration: take one piece out of the packing box to see whether the surface is flat and intact. The glaze should be uniform, bright, without spots, lack of glaze, bumps, and the edges around should be neat. The glaze is not bright, astringent, or has bubbles, which are all quality problems. Take out another piece of brick, align the two pieces, and the smaller the gap in the middle, the better. If it is a pattern brick, you must use four pieces to piece up a complete pattern, and you should also pay attention to whether the pattern of the brick is connected and clear. Erect these bricks one by one, and compare whether the size of the bricks is consistent. The deviation of small bricks is allowed to be plus or minus 1mm, and that of large bricks is allowed to be plus or minus 2mm

secret 4: the wooden floor is made of imitation solid wood, which is about 89 yuan per square meter. If you want to level with the ground, you can use self leveling cement or Dibao, which is about 10 yuan per square meter, and the total price is 99 yuan per square meter. Floor loss report plus 8%-10%

secret five, the kitchen bathroom wall and floor tiles are about 75 yuan per square meter, and the reported damage can be the same as the ground (11kg ordinary cement, 33kg medium sand and 2kg lime paste are required for inlaying various ceramic tiles per square meter on the wall with ordinary technology. 13kg ordinary cement, 27kg medium sand and 3kg lime paste are required for inlaying various ceramic tiles on the column with ordinary technology.) The selection method can refer to the way of floor tiles

sixth, each set of toilet equipment is about 2500 yuan (toilet, wash basin, faucet, bathing kit, mirror, carton, soap box, towel bar, tray, floor drain, Yuba)

decoration tips: there are some cheaper sanitary wares in the market now, but the quality is quite poor, so it is recommended not to use too cheap ones

seventh, the kitchen cabinet is about 900 yuan per linear meter (crystal board, acrylic, baking varnish, etc., but excluding brands, as well as faucets and pools)

eighth, the ceiling is about 50 yuan per square meter

ninth, the balcony wall and floor tiles are 60 yuan per square meter. You should pay attention not to use glue as much as possible, because the taste is too heavy

tenth, the balcony hanger Mrs. Qiao charges 230 yuan for each set, and the installer charges 10 yuan alone, with a total price of 240 yuan. Remember to ask for warranty credentials, because these things are guaranteed by the manufacturer

eleventh, it is recommended to use composite solid wood for suit doors, which will be stronger. Each set is about 950 yuan, including Baile door lock, thickened hinge and door stopper

tip: if it's not because of financial problems, it's recommended not to use the density board door with veneer door, which is not too strong. If you must use it, you can use three sets of hinges, and you can also keep it in good use

twelfth, it is recommended to use micro molecular structure for toilet door, which can play a good waterproof role. Each set is about 850 yuan, and the accessories are the same as others

thirteenth, the toilet waterproof is 19 yuan per square meter

fourteenth, the power transformation is about 3500 yuan, {power supply line, wire tube, universal angle iron (30× 30, 40× 40), expansion bolt M8, galvanized pipe joint, lock nut, junction box, plastic protective mouth, iron shell hose, pipe clamp, round steel bar φ 6~φ 8mm, welding rod, galvanized iron wire, aluminum bar, circular saw blade (grinding wheel), engine oil 20#. Lighting 2.5mm2 copper core double clad wire bvv2× 2.5mm2, bvv2× 1.5mm2 (switch) 。 Air conditioning and other equipment 4~6mm2 copper core wire bvv2× 4mm2。 The incoming line shall not be less than 10mm2. The bending coefficient is 1.6, the black tape is 2 rolls/100m, and the 24 # fine iron wire used for wire threading is 0.2kg/100m. Lighting circuit, lamps, electrical control box, switch box, socket, safety protection switch. Double eye single socket, three eye single socket, double socket, air conditioner socket, socket board. It is recommended to use Matsumoto electric, international electric TCL, yum electric, Qisheng electric. Siemens is also a good choice, but it is prone to fake goods, and it is cautious for those who do not know the market

tips: generally, the working current of the switch is 10a, 15A socket is used for air conditioners above 1.5 HP, 10a socket is used for air conditioners below 1.5 HP, and the installation height is not less than 2.2m. The rated current of the socket circuit leakage switch is 16a-20a, the lighting circuit breaker is 10a-16a, the air conditioning circuit is 16a-25a, and the main switch is equipped with leakage type 32a-40a. The switch is 1m above the ground and the socket is 30-50mm above the ground

fifthly, the waterway reconstruction is about 2000 yuan

sixteenth, lamps are about 3000 yuan. Generally, small and medium-sized companies do not charge installation fees, because this part of the money has been in the power transformation

seventeen, the garbage removal and transportation is 200 yuan. Many people have mentioned that general decoration companies do not care about taking away the garbage. If it is not just placed outside the door, there is no need to give it. The decoration company must take it away. It is troublesome for owners to find a car and other things, and the decoration company is too easy

18th, the cleaning fee is 200 yuan. Many decoration companies now have contact with some cleaners. The price ranges from 150-300 yuan. The cleaning is good, and it will be much easier for the owners to clean by themselves

19th, management fee 1500 yuan. General decoration companies only specify general daily management in the management fee, which is a very vague statement. We must indicate in the contract what kind of detail management they have, and deduct their money if they can't do it




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