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Furniture layout largely determines the style of home space, and different furniture furnishings will emit different auras. So choosing furniture is a headache. People always want to choose the style that suits them

a set of furniture is the display of the overall indoor style. When it comes to style, people will feel confused. There are too many popular home decoration styles now: modern minimalist style, European minimalist style, new Chinese style, industrial style, light luxury style, light simple style, neoclassical style, Baroque style, Rococo style... It will really make people dazzling

sometimes I don't know what style I like, and I can't show my unique taste by following the crowd. However, in fact, most people are more emotional than rational in their fantasy of home. Just as artists draw a picture, they will consider factors such as scale, space, tone and so on, and create it as a whole. However, ordinary people often want to draw a picture with inspiration. They only want to draw a certain object first, and then consider the composition. Therefore, many people do not set the style first and then look at the products, but often look at a certain piece of furniture at a glance, and then match it with the appropriate bedroom style with the magic of the eye edge. Even if the designer has better suggestions, he still insists on his own beauty

have you ever had such an experience? When I first saw a piece of furniture, I couldn't move my eyes anymore. I can't say why, it just makes you comfortable and pleasing to the eye, so that you believe that this is a lucky stone you are destined to encounter in your life. And you are sure to put it in your home, even if it is placed in a seemingly inconspicuous, but actually well-designed small corner, it will be amazing to the visiting guests and friends

European imported home sales platform - yourong Italian home is like a treasure to be explored, revealing fashionable design and handed down technology. A month ago, a customer of yourong Italian home took a fancy to a delicate and unique small bucket cabinet

bright yellow and shiny colors have great visual impact, but they look very beautiful, comfortable and impressive. The real uniqueness lies in the exquisite hand carving on the cabinet. The copper handle is cleverly outlined by flowers and vines. The characters in the center of the picture are lifelike, as if they are telling a western fairy tale. This vivid and beautiful exotic style makes people want to have a look more. This bucket cabinet is the product of the French century old brand moissonnier. Customers have unique insight and fall in love with this lovely bucket cabinet at first sight. Therefore, they ordered a complete set of moissonnier furniture, which really adds color to the living space

Moissonnier was founded in 1885. That year, Victor Hugo, the great writer who wrote the famous works Notre Dame de Paris and les miserables, died. That year, France sent a statue of liberty to New York to celebrate the centenary of American independence. That year, the old Buddha and Emperor Guangxu were still sitting in the Forbidden City of China. In 2010, 125 years after the birth of this brand, moissonnier was awarded the title of "entreprisedu patrimoinevivant" by the French government, which means "living national heritage"

this household brand with a long history is also the representative of French luxury goods. In the field of furniture manufacturing in which it is good at, it has always had high-quality handicraft technology that is widely popular and unparalleled in the world

moissonnier inherits the handcraft of French national treasure and combines the extraordinary color design to produce hand carved furniture, which is not only beautiful and elegant, but also full of romance that inspires sensory pleasure

and what's interesting is that it won't be dimmed by the passage of years. On the contrary, it will be more temperament and still charming

moissonnier raised furniture production to the artistic level, and its hand-made furniture seems to be treated more appropriately as a work of art. Its exquisite carving is full of French romantic details, deducing a different kind of beauty

a good furniture has a unique character and aura. It is quiet, but inadvertent disclosure will also make the whole space delicate. While people are amazed by it, they will also sincerely believe that life can really be full of Aura

in yourong Italian home, there are more than 4900 home furnishing brands in Europe and more than 100000 original products. You can also wander in it. Maybe in a moment, you will also encounter the lucky gem in your life





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