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The localization rate of key equipment in China's equipment manufacturing industry was only half in 2013

, The localization rate of key equipment of the surveyed enterprises was only 52.4%

immature quality management and low localization rate of key equipment and parts are still the main bottlenecks restricting the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry

yangxuetong, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, said that for the equipment manufacturing industry, the quality problem is still one of the main problems at present. To realize the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, promote advanced quality management methods in manufacturing enterprises and realize intelligent manufacturing, the key lies in implementation, which still has a long way to go

as suggested in the report, in order to promote the transformation from made in China to created in China, from China's speed to China's quality, and from China's products to Chinese brands, China's equipment manufacturing enterprises should redouble their efforts in promoting intelligent manufacturing and implementing quality management

management maturity is not high

according to the introduction, this survey is the second survey on the current situation of quality management of national industrial enterprises since 2009. The survey covers the metal products industry, general equipment manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry, railway, ship, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing industry Seven enterprises above Designated Size in the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry and the instrument and meter manufacturing industry conducted a sampling survey. A total of 954 valid survey samples were collected, accounting for about 1% of the total number of Enterprises above Designated Size in the equipment manufacturing industry

the survey results show that the overall quality level of China's equipment manufacturing industry has steadily increased. The average maturity of quality management of equipment manufacturing enterprises is 63.5 points, of which the maturity of automobile manufacturing industry is 67.9 points, significantly higher than that of other industries, and the maturity of metal products industry is the lowest, 59.1 points. At the same time, 58.5% of the surveyed enterprises implemented advanced quality management methods such as excellent performance, six sigma and lean production, an increase of 21.6% over 2009

duanyihong, vice president of excellence International Academy of Quality Sciences, believes that at present, the overall quality management level of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises with a unit weight of 23.2g (box)/15.6g (cover) is not high, especially the management maturity of small enterprises is low

"the higher the market maturity, the higher the social concern, the higher the customer requirements and the more fierce the competition, the higher the maturity level of enterprise quality management." Duan Yihong said that, for example, in the automobile manufacturing industry, a fair market environment, stringent customer requirements and encouraging market competition will help increase the motivation for enterprises to improve quality

it is worth mentioning that the brand building with quality as the core of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises also lags behind. Less than 30% of the surveyed enterprises pass on their quality oriented ideas and activities to customers and potential consumers to enhance their brand and competitiveness. This shows that the brand competitiveness of China's manufacturing enterprises is far from enough. They only confine the quality activities to the interior and do not link them with the brand and business activities. As the saying goes, "the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley". China's equipment manufacturing enterprises still have a long way to go in brand building with quality as the core

the localization [detailed] rate of key equipment needs to be improved

the survey shows that 73.4% of the surveyed enterprises believe that their equipment and devices "2. can fully meet the product quality requirements after purchasing the machine", and 44.9% of the enterprises believe that their equipment and equipment "can meet the requirements for continuously improving product competitiveness", compared with 63.7% and 16.1% in 2009. This shows that the equipment level of China's manufacturing enterprises has been continuously improved, and the hardware strength has been improved rapidly

at the same time, the survey also found many problems, one of which is the low localization rate. 47.6% of the surveyed enterprises' most important key equipment came from other countries and regions, that is, the localization rate of key equipment was only 52.4%; Among them, the localization rate of key equipment in automobile manufacturing enterprises is the lowest, only 40.2%

according to Duan Yihong, the quality of key equipment and parts in China's equipment manufacturing industry still lags far behind that of developed countries, and these key equipment actually occupy the high end of the industrial value chain. If this situation cannot be improved, China's equipment manufacturing industry will not be able to fundamentally realize transformation and upgrading

improving the localization rate of key equipment is inseparable from technological innovation. From the perspective of technological innovation, 87.9% of the surveyed enterprises can treat the development of key technologies from a long-term perspective, but less than 40% of the enterprises can continuously develop new products accepted by customers, and 4.2% of the enterprises can reach the international leading level in technology. In addition, in recent three years, new products accounted for 33% of the total products, and the sales of new products accounted for 35.5% of the total sales

according to the survey, 66.1% of enterprises' equipment management mode is "handle problems when they occur", and only 10.1% of enterprises "can systematically carry out comprehensive production and maintenance". According to the report, although the equipment level of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises is high, the management of equipment is still in the post event stage. New energy vehicles are also vigorously trying and promoting spray free material treatment. Equipment preservation activities are not carried out from the perspective of prevention and life cycle, and the equipment management capacity is insufficient

towards intelligent manufacturing

in view of the current situation of quality management in China's equipment manufacturing industry, the investigation report also puts forward constructive suggestions from the aspects of laws and regulations, technological innovation and quality management methods

formulate laws and regulations on product safety, product guarantee and products as soon as possible; We initiated research and formulation of quality promotion law, and encouraged outstanding enterprises and industry associations to take the lead in formulating and updating technical standards

break through the bottleneck of manufacturing technology and promote the upgrading of industrial quality. The survey shows that the high-end equipment manufacturing technology and core components in some fields are the bottleneck restricting the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and the overall synergy of the supply chain needs to be strengthened. It is suggested that the government should strengthen basic research in key technical fields such as intelligent manufacturing, and support relevant professional organizations to carry out management basic research suitable for modern manufacturing, such as "quality management in the era of Intelligent Manufacturing". In yangxuetong's view, China's manufacturing enterprises still have a long way to go to promote intelligent manufacturing, whether it is software strength, the application of advanced quality methods, or management level

advocate the concept of modern supplier management and cultivate the value creation ability of the whole industry chain. Improving the quality of core components depends on the joint efforts of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. It is suggested that the government should issue relevant policies, lay out the industrial base, actively encourage the main engine manufacturers and large enterprises to change their supplier management concepts, and establish a stable, mutually beneficial and win-win partnership with the upstream and downstream enterprises; Enterprises that take the lead in using new technologies and equipment in China will be given tax relief

in addition, quality methods should be further promoted to promote the implementation of quality management. The concept of quality management comes from Japan. It emphasizes the close combination of quality and operation, and applies the concept of quality management to all production and operation activities, so as to realize quality centered management. To practice quality management, it is necessary to strengthen the tracking, research and promotion of advanced quality methods, summarize, refine and promote quality management methods with Chinese characteristics, such as "double return to zero method for aerospace quality problems" and "Haier rendanheyi win-win"; At the same time, we should cultivate backbones and benchmark leaders to promote the learning and application of advanced quality methods. The Ministry of industry and information technology has held quality benchmarking activities since 2012. It is suggested that this work should be routine, build a public service platform for quality benchmarking exchange, and establish a case base and advanced indicator database of benchmarking enterprises at home and abroad

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