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In recent years, China's hardware lock industry has developed steadily at an annual growth rate of 15%, with an annual total output value of more than 180billion yuan and an export of more than 8billion US dollars. With the rapid development of China's pillar industries such as housing, automobiles, medium and high-grade office buildings and hotels, and the increasing demand of national defense, public security, financial and other systems for locks with high preventive properties, the prospect of the high-grade lock market is optimistic

in recent years, China's hardware lock industry has developed steadily at an annual growth rate of 15%, with an annual total output value of more than 180billion yuan and an export value of more than 8billion US dollars. It accounts for about 1/3 of the total export volume of China's light industry, ranking among the top three in light industry

it is understood that at least 95% of China's hardware industry are private enterprises, and private enterprises have become the main force in the development of China's hardware lock industry. On the other hand, in the international hardware lock market, due to the rapid development of production technology and rising labor prices, developed countries in Europe and the United States have transferred ordinary products to developing countries to produce only high value-added products, while China has a strong market labor force and has become a major processing and export country in the hardware lock industry. Among the numerous hardware lock enterprises in China, the survival and development of small and medium-sized private enterprises has become the key to the healthy development of the industry

in the global and integrated market economy environment, China's hardware lock industry is also facing fierce market competition. Especially in the financial crisis and economic crisis sweeping the world, the fierce market competition and price competition are more fierce than ever before. As a small and medium-sized enterprise in the hardware lock industry, how to find a way out? How to survive in the competition is an urgent need for research and improvement

look at the development of the lock industry from the origin and history of the lock; From the current environment of lock industry, we can see the main strategies of industry competition. The main research method is to use the principles of strategic management, global management, marketing management and management economics to analyze the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises in the hardware lock industry, find out the corresponding relationship between competitive strategies and related factors, find survival and development strategies, and form specific feasible proposal

lock is the product of safety precautions, which is well known. Its variety is complex, the grade is wide, and the price is different. China's lock industry is still in a very backward state, and the average price of lock is also very low, which is only 1/15 of that of Britain, the United States and other countries after investigation. In foreign countries, the price of lock is usually higher than that of door, because lock is the heart of door. At present, the development of new types of locks abroad is very active. Many new materials, new technologies and new processes are constantly applied to the lock industry. The lock is breaking through the abnormal displacement of the material tensile testing machine in the following three steps: the protection process can also complete the common mechanical spring lock mode according to these steps, and evolve to a safer electronic lock. Although many advanced locks have been coming out, they have not solved the problem of invisibility. Some components of all locks are exposed outside the door. The possibility of lock damage must exist, and the security problem is always threatened

due to the development of sound, light, mechanism, electricity and magnetism, great changes have taken place in the design of locks. By 1974, six electronic lock circuits had been successfully developed in the United States

by 1985, the lock industry in the United States and Japan accounted for 10% of the sales of all kinds of locks. The Japanese lock industry began to develop electronic locks with all its strength. Since 1985, the development of electronic lock production in the world has been surging. The international lock industry represented by Yale lock factory in the United States, Xisha group in Europe and DOM company in West Germany has developed more than ten kinds of electronic locks, including electronic card locks

in the early 1990s, there were also nine electronic lock manufacturers in China, but most of the electronic lock structures produced by these manufacturers were imitated or slightly modified along the road of European and American locks. Locks can still be opened with keys or with a cipher installed outside the door. In short, we have not gone out of our own way to break through the conventional lock system. In China, liangshangjunzi, who pries the lock by sliding the door, soon has a way to decipher the locks. Therefore, with people's understanding of PEEK, an engineering plastic, and the expansion of demand for this plastic in developing countries, thieves can still break in

the door is a barrier to protect family property, and the lock must overcome two shortcomings: one is that a part of the lock is exposed outside the door, providing a target for the thief to decipher; Second, the lock tongue is too short to stop thieves from breaking the door with violence. In view of the two insurmountable shortcomings of ordinary locks, after years of painstaking research by the patentee, the intelligent invisible lock was finally born in 1992. Its main characteristics are that there is no trace of the lock inside and outside the door, there is no key hole on the door, the installation position of the lock can not be found, and the lateral static pressure of the lock can reach tens of thousands of Newtons, which makes the thief unable to decipher the target. The key setting function is a shift function, but also unable to break through the door, The security of the portal is guaranteed, which relieves people of their worries when they go out

the lock series products currently produced in China mainly include padlock, spherical lock, bicycle and motorcycle lock, industrial lock, automobile lock, train lock, torture device lock, craft Memorial lock, hotel and hotel lock, etc., with thousands of colors and varieties, forming the existing lock system in China. With the rapid development of science and technology, especially the wide application of microelectronic biological information technology in all walks of life, the lock industry is developing towards the direction of high technology content and strong security. In the late 1980s, the lock industry ushered in a new period of development. It developed beautiful and electromechanical locks that meet the development of other industries and people's living needs, and advanced intelligent locks such as magnetic card, TC card, TM card locks with black box function that can be managed hierarchically for hotels

in recent years, the emergence of fingerprint lock represents the most advanced level of China's lock industry with its reliability, safety and convenience, and is in a leading position in the world. The product adopts fingerprint biometric technology. Each lock can store more than 700 fingerprints, and can query 8000 records of the latest unlock. The recognition speed is less than 1 second. It is voice oriented, and the operation is very simple. In addition, it avoids the loss and theft of the traditional mechanical lock and identification card lock keys. At present, it has been widely used in finance, insurance, hotels, office buildings and equipment management. Voice lock, iris and face recognition access control system grafted with advanced biometric technology have made outstanding contributions to improving people's living standards and promoting the development of other industries

at present, China has become a major lock producer in the world, and has formed four major production bases: Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Zhongshan, Shandong and Shanghai. However, China is not a strong country in locks, because most of the products produced are low-end products with relatively low prices. Those high-end locks are mainly produced in Europe, the United States and Japan. This is related to China's national conditions and consumers' consumption levels and habits. The development of lock products should follow the city's 1600 ton and 2000 ton crawler crane airports. Only when there is demand in the market, lock enterprises will explore and occupy the high-end market

with the increase in the number of high-end buildings in China, lock enterprises are bound to explore the high-end market

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