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SIG kangmeibao's localized production kicked off

sig Swiss industrial group, the world's leading aseptic paper packaging manufacturer, recently announced the establishment of its first carton packaging material manufacturing plant in China - sig kangmeibao (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. the opening of the new plant not only shortens the supply time of domestic customers, but also can quickly respond to the special needs of domestic customers and provide overall packaging solutions

sig kangmeibao (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. new plant

sig kangmeibao products

at present, the domestic new energy vehicle sales volume in September of S1 is 28 after the yield point elongation test The main customers of 80000 Ig kangmeibao in China include major manufacturers in the fruit juice and dairy industry, such as Inner Mongolia Yili Group, Jinan Jiabao dairy company, Beijing Huiyuan Group, etc. Rolf diet link: Er Rademacher, CEO of SIG Swiss industrial group, said in an interview with CCTV: "the packaging industry market in China is developing rapidly and the technology is changing with each passing day. Fortunately, we have established good cooperative relations with many customers in China. The Chinese market is crucial not only to our customers, but also to the future development of the company."

modern plant

modern additional plant

investment in Suzhou, Mr. Baolide said: "The new manufacturing plant meets the growing demand for beverage packaging boxes. The localized production of SIG Kangmei bag not only shortens the supply time of domestic customers, but also can respond to the special needs of domestic customers faster, and provide overall packaging solutions including products, technology, equipment and marketing with more innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly means. I believe that China's packaging industry will continue to develop, and SIG Kangmei bag will certainly To become a strong partner for Chinese consumers and achieve common success. "

sig kangmeibao's investment in China will be divided into three stages, with a total investment of US $90million (about 750million yuan) 。 In the first stage, the raw materials produced by Suzhou plant will mainly come from the composite paper roll produced by Rayong plant in Thailand. Then complete the colorful intaglio printing and subsequent completion procedures in Suzhou factory, such as indentation, cutting, folding and edge banding, to ensure the perfect quality of SIG Kangmei packaging carton. In the second stage, SIG kangmeibao will introduce paper roll coating composite equipment. In the third stage, the output of Suzhou plant will double; At the present stage, Suzhou factory will produce sig Kangmei bag, which belongs to sig Swiss industrial group and is the world's leading system manufacturer of sterile carton packaging and related filling equipment. In 2003, SIG kangmeibao had 3900 employees worldwide, and its sales revenue reached 1.058 billion euros

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