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There are nine prevention measures for locomotives in summer

one is to prevent the engine temperature from being too high in summer, which will affect the engine power. In case of "boiling" of the engine during use, the water tank is mostly short of water, but cooling water must not be added immediately at this time, otherwise the cylinder head or cylinder block will burst. Correct method: stop the operation, operate at a low speed, and slowly add clean cooling water when the water temperature drops to about 70 ℃. Overloaded operation, not only the water temperature rises quickly, but also easy to damage the machine parts. Therefore, in general, the load should be controlled at about 90%, leaving 10% as the load reserve, so as to cope with the short-term overload caused by the change of uphill or cultivated land resistance

the viscosity of the oil used in the secondary prevention system varies with the temperature, and the viscosity decreases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, HC-11 diesel engine oil should be used in summer. If the engine is severely worn, the bearing bush clearance is large, and the oil pressure is low, hc-14 diesel engine oil should be used. In addition, try to use diesel oil with high solidifying point, so that the price is low and the cost can be reduced

the three proofs tire pressure is high. In high temperature season, the temperature difference between day and night is large. With the increase of temperature, the thermal expansion volume of air increases, and the tire pressure increases, which is easy to cause tire explosion and economic losses. Therefore, the inflation of tires in summer should be 5% - 7% lower than that in winter. It is not allowed that the pressure is higher than the standard pressure of tires

the "four prevention" engine scale is too thick. The engine water jacket scale is too thick, which will reduce the heat dissipation efficiency. In 2016, the total shipment of domestic lithium power battery enterprises reached 30.5gwh30% - 40%. It is easy to cause the engine to overheat, worsen the engine work, reduce the power, and block the fuel injection nozzle, resulting in serious accidents. Therefore, scale should be removed regularly to maintain good cooling performance

the tightness of the five anti fan belt is loose. When working at high temperature, the tension of the belt decreases, resulting in belt slipping, large transmission loss and easy damage to the belt. Therefore, the tension of engine adhesive tape shall be slightly higher than the standard value when the engine is cold in summer

some transport tractors use hydraulic braking because of air resistance in the six anti oil brake pipeline. In high temperature summer, the oil brake pipeline is prone to air resistance, which seriously affects the braking effect. Therefore, in use, first, ensure that the brake oil is sufficient, second, prevent pipeline leakage, and third, timely discharge the air resistance when it occurs

the higher the gas resistance temperature of the seven prevention fuel system, the faster the fuel (especially gasoline) evaporates, and the easier it is to form gas resistance in the fuel circuit. Therefore, the fuel filter should be cleaned in time to make the oil circuit unblocked. A wet cloth can be used to cover the fuel pump during driving, and water shall be sprayed regularly to moisturize and reduce air resistance; Once the fuel gas is blocked, stop the engine immediately to cool down, and pull the hand oil pump to exhaust the air, so that the oil circuit is full of fuel

the eight prevention circuit has oxidation failure. In summer, the temperature is high and the humidity is high. The battery will produce hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor during operation. If the vent hole is blocked, the internal pressure of the battery will rise and cause cracking. Therefore, it should be dredged regularly. In the air with high temperature and humidity, the battery pole is easy to oxidize, resulting in the failure of the whole vehicle, such as no power, difficult startup, electrical system failure, etc. The wiring shall be removed from the pole post, and the oxide layer shall be polished with abrasive cloth or saw blade, and installed firmly after being cleaned. In order to prevent the pole post from being oxidized again, grease or vaseline can be applied after the pole post is firmly installed to facilitate air isolation

the nine prevention equipment is used for pre acceptance. The battery is short of water. In summer, the temperature is high, the water in the battery electrolyte evaporates quickly, the liquid level drops rapidly, and even the electrode plate exposes the liquid level, resulting in "water shortage" and damage to the battery. Therefore, in summer, the height of the electrolytic liquid level above the electrode plate (generally 10-15mm) and the electrolyte density should be frequently checked. If necessary, distilled water should be added to keep the battery in good working condition. (EN pay attention to the neck bending resistance and hair bundle tension of the toothbrush d)

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