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The background wall is one of the key points of home decoration, and even related to home “ Face ”. However, many background wall styles are too common, there is nothing new, and they can't reflect personality at all. Don't worry, Xiaobian recommends that you might as well learn about the 3d background wall and feel the magical charm of the 3D decoration effect drawing

3d decoration effect picture 1

it's bold enough to take space as the background wall pattern in front of the dining table

3d decoration effect picture 2

wow, the waves are surging. I'm really worried that the waves will hit me when I sit down to eat

3D decoration effect picture 3

the background wall of the small street full of local customs allows people to enjoy the scenery outside in their bedroom

3D decoration effect picture 4

the large area of high-quality plant background wall makes people feel like they are in a tropical rainforest. In summer, it must be cool to have such a background wall at home

3D decoration effect picture 5

how to enjoy the sunshine on the tropical beach! what? No! Then come to the background wall, the effect is the same

3d decoration effect picture 6

there are tall trees on both sides, and in the middle is the road where the camera cannot be seen. Such a scenery is good and feels like a scene in a movie

3D decoration effect picture 7

the woods in the snow, with white furniture and blankets, have a good sense of picture

3D decoration effect drawing 8

the flowers on the wall lost their original color

3d decoration effect picture 9

the woods in the fog are hazy with a little melancholy

3d decoration effect picture 10

such a background with log home should be very good

3d decoration effect drawing 11

how dare you say that such a background wall is not PS

3d decoration effect picture 12

friends who love climbing snow mountains can design such a background wall for their home. Looking at the snow mountains they want to climb every day, how motivated they should be

3d decoration effect picture 13

there is a background wall in the bathroom that looks like a waterfall. When the owner bathes, he feels that the water of the waterfall splashes out, which is great

3d decoration effect drawing 14

what flower is this? Don't blame Xiaobian for his ignorance. It's really beautiful

3D decoration effect drawing 15

the woods are full of spring and close to nature

if there is such a 3D effect background wall, I think your friends will visit your house often. The above just lists some 3D decoration renderings collected by Xiaobian, and there are more wonderful ones waiting for you to discover





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