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The living room is the place that we need to focus on in our whole family, because it is the most important place to retreat at that time, which represents the overall impression of our whole family. Many people hope to decorate the living room better, but if they don't pay attention, they will exert too much force and make some wrong mistakes! Let's share it with you briefly today

I. blindly install chandeliers

many people think that the dazzling chandeliers should be very compatible with the living room at home, but have you considered your floor height? The floor height of general commercial houses is about 2.8m, so it is very inconvenient to install chandeliers

second, there are too many downlights and spotlights

at present, not many people like to install many lights in the living room, because this can make the living room light better. But then I found that so many lights on not only waste electricity, but also look not particularly comfortable if they are too bright, so the lamps must be appropriate. If the main lamp is selected, it is basically almost the same

third, there are too few sockets

some people think that there are not so many appliances in the living room, and making so many sockets in the living room will also affect the overall beauty. But we need to know that there will be more and more household appliances in the future, and the situation of insufficient sockets will often occur. At this time, it is difficult to add sockets

IV. living room storage

many people think that the living room is not a storage place, and its functions of leisure and entertainment will be more, but did you think of it? There is space, but things are messy, which will also affect the mood. Therefore, when we decorate the living room, we should properly make some combination cabinets to store

v. selection of sofa

the size of sofa must be determined according to its own space, and then choose the style, otherwise in the end, it will be found that the size is inappropriate, either too large to be crowded, or too small to look good. So we must not let our preferences prevail

VI. style of living room

when we decorate, the style of the living room must be determined. It can't be a style of sofa, but a style of porch. It's best to be clear and form a whole

VII. Zoning should be reasonable

when decorating the living room, its zoning must be reasonable, although it is a place for our leisure and entertainment. In order to have a good life experience, we'd better divide it into different spaces through ceiling, carpeting, small furniture, etc. This is better

VIII. Living room decorations

it is inevitable that we will choose some decorations in the living room, but when choosing them, we must choose generous and concise ones, which will affect the overall effect, and it is not easy to clean them up! Use with caution some reflective objects

IX. wallpaper

if we want to paste wallpaper in the living room, we should try to choose some colorful ones, which will be better if the color is a little more elegant. The color is too single or too bright, which means that it is a little noisy, not particularly coordinated

X. living room floor tiles

compared with wood floors, there are still more living room floors that choose tiles, and the price gap in the floor tile market will be relatively large. We should remember not to buy cheap floor tiles for the sake of cheapness. These properties will be greatly discounted and affect the use





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