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There are obvious differences between the acceptance of fully decorated houses and the acceptance of blank houses, so how to carry out the acceptance of fully decorated houses? What is prone to problems that require special attention? Industry insiders said that it mainly starts from seven aspects. The main problem is decoration materials. The model house that buyers see before signing the purchase contract is different from the actual situation when they receive the house. Therefore, buyers must check the decoration materials and brands according to the bill of materials

the decoration quality mainly involves water pipe circuit, masonry, carpentry, installation, paint and other aspects. Mr. Wang, a room inspection engineer of Shanghai worry free room inspection network, said that hidden works of doors and windows, wall painting, floor laying, toilets, kitchens and water and electricity lines are relatively prone to problems, so “ Six look

second, look at the brand and model. Carefully compare the brands, models and colors of anti-theft doors, sanitary ware, decorative materials, lamps, integral cabinets, floor heating and central air conditioning to see if there is any problem that is inconsistent with the brand originally agreed in the house purchase contract. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future, property buyers should take the initiative to ask for clear decoration details in the purchase contract, including decoration materials, brand name, brand model, and brand number, and even including material color. In short, the more detailed the better

Mr. Wang said that if the circuit layout is not standardized, there may be potential safety hazards, so property buyers should ask developers to provide circuit and water pipe circuit diagrams for inspection. The main inspection contents are whether the circuit has been changed, whether the circuit capacity is sufficient to load electrical equipment, whether the power panel on the wall is sufficient, whether the location is reasonable, whether the power supply of kitchen and bathroom is safe, whether there is leakage protection, whether there will be automatic tripping in case of short circuit, whether some special lines are equipped with ground wires, etc. The water pipe mainly includes whether the drainage is normal, whether the floor drain sealing performance is good, and in addition, hydraulic test should be carried out to see whether there is leakage of pipeline joints

fourth, look at the floor to see if it has warping, hollow, etc., especially for the composite floor, because the cement floor cannot be completely flattened, there will be uneven conditions, so we must pay attention to whether this situation is serious. In addition, the joint of floor and skirting board should be tight

v. check the kitchen and bathroom equipment. The key contents of the kitchen room inspection mainly include whether the cabinet door can be opened and closed normally, whether the wall tiles and floor tiles are hollowed out, and whether the water in the vegetable washing pool is unobstructed. As for the bathroom, what needs to be checked is whether there is leakage in the ceiling, whether the drainage pipe is unobstructed, whether there is hollowing in the wall tiles, etc. in addition, whether the wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom and living room has been waterproof measures, and the installation of sanitary ware such as toilet, shower room and hand basin can not be ignored

six look at the doors and windows, mainly to check whether the windows are closed tightly, whether the sliding is flexible, and whether there is a soft elastic feeling. In addition, there should be no signs of collision in the door, windowsill stone, etc

VII. The most important thing to look at the wall is to check whether there are cracks. If there are cracks, it indicates that the cracks in the wall have not been repaired during decoration. In addition, it is whether there are mixed colors at the junction of the roof and the wall. If it is separated from the toilet, it is also necessary to check whether there is paint falling off. If there is, it indicates that the wall is leaking




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