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Most people who have experience in decoration often talk about decoration. Those who are interested will find that among the endless topics, there are not only their own masterpiece of decoration design, but also the "bitter water" in the decoration process

most people who have experience in decoration often talk about decoration. Interested people will find that among the endless topics, there are not only their own masterpiece of decoration design, but also “ Bitter water &rdquo

clarify why decoration

when we buy a house, we immediately think of the decoration problem, which is natural, but why decoration is often unclear. Some people want to decorate the house magnificently, like five-star hotels, hotels, some people want to put their favorite things into the house, while some people like modeling, and copy what they like regardless of whether it is suitable for them, Others are worried that they can't get their money in one step at this stage. Their worries turn into making do first, and then realizing their wishes when they have enough money … The above ideas all explain why you don't understand the decoration

home is not only a space, but also reflects a living state. No matter fashionable, tasteful or not, and what kind of family circumstances are, home is the most basic living needs of people. For a child, home is his whole world and the beginning of his dream. For most of US adults, home is a haven of peace in a noisy world. When we decorate our rooms, we should make an originally dull and cold building give vitality to life and make our life more meaningful at the same time. Home embodies our personality, belief, tradition, fashion, habits and interests. We should not only pay attention to the decoration of the room, but ignore our feeling of home. Remember! The decorated home should serve us at all times and everywhere. Don't beat the guest to the master, so that we are at a loss and cautious in our new home

how to position

suitable, comfortable, learn from but not plagiarize, fashionable but not catch up, make a good capital plan, measure the size of the building, understand the decoration steps, and the starting point of the builder should be correct to achieve your ideal step by step

decoration is a long process

the construction of any home is not achieved overnight. It requires the joint participation of family members to discover and complete our dream of home with common sense and vision. The feeling of home is so fascinating and intimate that it is worth us to pour a lot into it. Starting from the formulation of the decoration plan, designing the decoration plan, looking for the construction team, selecting decoration materials, and choosing home decorations and furniture, this is a process full of bitterness, bitterness, bitterness, and sweetness. Blind one-step arrival will waste capital and energy& ldquo; Chicken ribs ” The emergence of is the most troublesome thing in people's life. We choose the way we like, and gradually adjust and transform the unpleasant aspects in the room, so that we can find our old feelings and make our home warm and sweet

there are trade-offs, and it must be the best.

decoration is not equal to stacking. Choose what you like. In the future life, home, the things in the home should bring and provide us handy and at will. Learning to give up and choose can make our home full of fun of life. I want to have a home, a small place, a place where there is no need to boast, and a place where rough jade has been accumulated over time

old elements, new combinations

old things can not bring new feelings. Necessary decoration and displacement of location and space will make us refreshing. Old things can give our family more warmth and memories. Unifying the past and the present, we will create our ideal home; A place that not only reflects our own taste and personality, but also allows us to stay away from the pressure of modern life and relax ourselves




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