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From July 8 to 11, 2014, the 16th Guangzhou Construction Expo was grandly held. Sward made a wonderful appearance. The exhibition hall is located at No. 14, hall 4.2, attracting many dealers to gather around for consultation and cooperation

from July 8 to 11, 2014, the 16th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Construction Expo"), known as the "first exhibition of Asian building materials", was held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou China Import and export commodities fair. Sward made a wonderful appearance at the 16th Guangzhou Construction Expo, which is located at No. 14, hall 4.2. Attract many dealers to consult and negotiate cooperation

Shenzhen sward kitchen cabinet Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a franchise company of the top ten brands of domestic stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Have a group of high-quality technical personnel, with many years of production experience. The company takes "excellence and continuous innovation" as its purpose, and pays attention to the perfect combination of fashion and practicality in product design. Constantly improve the scientific and technological content and humanistic concept of products, and take environmental protection and humanization as the theme in the design, development and application of products. The company's products are diversified, and it has many production workshops: stainless steel overall workshop, imported embossed stainless steel table workshop, wood cabinet workshop, crystal steel door, dust-free workshop, quartz stone workshop. Based on high-quality and high-quality materials and accessories, it is meticulously made, meticulous and strictly managed. The product quality has been unanimously recognized and praised by our customers

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